Spinning Cobwebs

But no moonlight.

But actual cobwebs.

There was, across our front porch, a large and lovely orb web, which I insisted we leave there. Now it is abandoned, and today, heavy with sleep drugs but unable to sleep, I went out draped in black, and hooked my skull-armed micro trindle into the center of the web, and I began to spin, drafting straight from the web.

Spider, Spider, Spinning Spells We are Kin beneath the skin Spider, Spider, Spinning Spells We are Sisters in our Craft Spider, Spider, Spinning Spells Show me how you weave your Web Spider, Spider, Spinng Spells Help me work my Will

And I did. I got about a yard of delicate, sticky, gossamer-fine thread with bits of old meals and blowing bramble caught in it. I wrapped it around a small smooth vertebra I had handy. I'll have a picture later, maybe.

It will be a powerful amulet, when I am done with it.