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August Fwip

August Fwip

TV and Movies The Sandman S01E04-08 Podcasts Old Gods of Appalachia E40 Don't Mind Cruxmont E09 The Cellar Letters E01 Palimpsest (podcast) E01 The Storage Papers S04E03-04 NoSleep Podcast S18E04-05 Books What Moves

August Woosh

So far I have managed: TV and Movies Apostle (2018) Evil S01E01-03 The Sandman S01E01-03 Podcasts: The Left Right Game E01 I Am In Eskew E00-01 Hi Nay E23: Hudyat Don't Mind Cruxmont

August the First

I wanted to get some viewing in, but didn't. I did, however, manage to listen to the first episode of the podcast The Left Right Game, and to start reading What Moves the

Almost August

How? I dunno. But it's almost here and I'm about to freak out. Mysterious Mushroom CandleI got a delightfully mysterious gift in the mail the other day, of five morel-shaped beeswax candles, and

Nick Bantock's Archeo Deck

Nick Bantock's Archeo Deck

I've been a fan of Nick Bantock's work since I found the Griffin and Sabine books on sale at a Barnes and Nobles around 2000, and devoured them. Bantock is an incredible artist

More Memory

Aaaaaand I forgot all about entries. So to wrap up my initial foray into memory palaces: I recorded the second part of my interview with Andrew Watt on January 27th, and that was