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Early Autumn

We're an hour into September, and it's only 51F outside. It looks like an early Autumn here in Seattle. After the absurd heat wave we had replacing our usual June Gloom, I'll absolutely

Oh right, August continues

Oh hey I should catch up on this. I finished The Haunting of Bly Manor, and it was excellent. I was – spoilers ahead – expecting a "kill your gays" sort of thing, but actually

Mourning Jewelry

I realized I don't have pictures up here of most of the mourning jewelry I've made, much less all in one place. So here we go. One of the first mourning pieces I

Sleepless August

Sleepless August

I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping this year, which used to happen every year around this time, and hasn't as much lately. When I began this entry, it was 5pm and I


It'll be August in about two hours. I got a little bit of a jump on this year's list by watching Willy's Wonderland today with a friend. Which. Wow. The commitment to the

Rhythm: Drums and Spoons

Rhythm: Drums and Spoons

Some time ago, I signed up for a rolling class in trance drumming/chanting/dancing, called Gorgonas, not long before the teacher had to take a long break due to life stuff. Well,