January 3, 2021



Tonight we held an online ritual to dedicate Nova Aedes Iani to Janus and Hekate. It went very well, and I'm very excited about it, and also very tired and wiped out and hungry.

This year, working with the NAI, I'm planning to hold four workshops on craft magics (tentatively on spinning ritual cords, weaving amulet bags, making prayer beads, and making spirit rattles), as well as probably, with Liz, one on normalizing death, tentatively titled, "Dead Not Gone".

Also planning on working to grow the NAI, but also to reintegrate into Starry Crown and go back to my home tradition.

Further Goals:

  • Finish my Hekate book and figure out what I'm doing with it
  • Learn to create and use sigils well
  • Read more pagan books; actually read, not acquire and allow to sit

I'm trying not to get too ambitious here. I've got enough on my plate, I think. But there it is.