November 18, 2013


It's my birthday. I'm 36 today.

It has, in many ways, been an extremely rough year. Both of us have been out of work for all of it, and indeed I've been out of work for much longer. Money's pretty desperate.

But we got married this year, and that's been so incredible that I can't help but count it a good year anyway. My wife makes me so happy.

I have, in general, found my thirties to be a much more enjoyable decade than my twenties. I spent a lot of time suffering from and learning to deal with my mental illness in my twenties. I dropped out of college three times. I did manage to move across the country and to start culinary school (although I graduated after turning 30), but the bulk of the decade was pretty miserable for me. So I'm never sad to be a year older. As hard as things were after the restaurant closed, it did not match the utter despair of my early twenties.

I drew a letter for the upcoming year during morning ritual. Pi. "Completing many contests, you will seize the crown." I have a lot of hope for this year.