June 20, 2016

A Party to Which I Am Late

But glad to have made it to!

During my trip to Oregon, I had the good fortune to (re)meet Genevieve Williams and Ray Snyder, one of whom kindly fed me and the other one on our way to and from the retreat. Turns out we'd been at several of the same events, and had even interacted a bit.

One of the things they'd been up to since the pancakes (apparently, I am remembered for the pancakes) was writing a podcast called The Hermes and Hekate Roadshow. Today I got the chance to listen to the first (and so far only) season while on a long and fruitless bus ride.

It's a great show, written by people who know the pantheon and mythology, and, like many writers now, wanted to see what these gods might be up to in modern America. By my standards, they did a lot better than most of those writers. There's acknowledgement of a lot of aspect of the gods that most people nowadays miss -- such as that Hekate is not under the authority of Zeus, and that the gods of Olympus give her honor. There are reference that attendees of the Spring Mysteries Festival here in Washington may recognize, particularly since both of them used to write for and take part in it. There are also plenty of pop culture references from their -- and my -- childhoods, including Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and He-Man. There are local touchstones for the PNW, too, like Elysium Brewery here in Seattle and Voodoo Donuts in Portland, OR.

But best of all, these are the gods as I know them. This is my Hermes, light-hearted and clever and quick with a joke. More importantly, this is my Hekate, snarky and a bit cranky, but caring very much for mortals. And the two of them together, palling around, solving crime. (No, really.) This is what I imagine a road trip with the two of them, on motorcycles, would be like. Enodios and Enodia, together, on their highways and byways. Glee! So few people seem to encounter the same faces of Hekate, especially, as I do. It's a joy to hear someone who does.

There is, I'm told, a second season recorded, but their producer has been awfully busy, so it's taking... well, a while. He's less busy now, though, so we may be seeing this podcast again soon. It's up on iTunes as well as the website. Go give it a try.