November 14, 2013

A Project Day

All the things I did today. The wool and silk aren't dry yet, so they won't look quite the same when they are.

Today, I woke up at the positively absurd (for me) hour of 9am. Just as my wife was falling asleep. I can't get anything done today without her, because she has the only working debit card.

Therefore: Project Day. Dying wool purple and silk silver-grey, measuring out two mask warps and tying one onto the journey loom, measuring out a blue warp for the Hermes piece, spinning up some more of the mixed blues (with fuschia glitz) both so I could use it in the Hermes piece and to clear the tiny Turkish Kuchulu for the purple wool. Spinning and chain plying a little hemp "rope" for the hanging dolls I mean to make for the Purple Thread women. (I hate spinning hemp. It drafts funny and is rough in my hands. But it was just a little bit, and I like the idea of spinning all the thread and yarn I mean to use for the Purple Thread cultus.)

I did get distracted while the silver silk was on, and didn't stir it. At all. So it's come out all funny and patchy, much too dark in some places and almost white in others. It won't do for the project, and I'll have to do it again, but I think it will look very nice for something else, so I'm not in utter despair.

In other news, labyrinths continue to follow me around. A friend in Brazil sent me a picture of labyrinth lace on display. The pattern isn't a labyrinth, it's just the name for the style of lacemaking. This labyrinth lace shawl and this labyrinth washcloth also turned up in my vicinity. There was another instance, but it's now escaped me.

Speaking of purple dyeing, I found a tour of Oaxaca that focuses on Murex dyeing, silk, and those exquisite flower-embroidered clothes, like Frida Kahlo wore. If I understand it correctly, you actually get to do some dyeing yourself. This is definitely a thing I will be looking into more closely once we're both employed again.