December 7, 2013

A Purple Mask

I want to work on shaping masks once they're off the loom. I wasn't entirely happy with the shapes of the ghost masks, although they work ok for ghosts, which are often a bit misshapen. So I took out some Nori Silk Garden and made this mask in purples.

I've been fiddling with the shape for days now. I'm not completely satisfied yet, but it's getting better. This one might turn out the be Silenos, the old man of the satyrs, Dionysos' foster father. He needs eyes and a headdress, whoever he turns out to be. I'm looking at styrofoam half-spheres, covered in black fabric, to start mounting them on, eventually. They don't hold shape so well on the flat.

I'm still working on that hanging for Hermes, too, but keep getting distracted.