April 29, 2015

A Study in Tarot

A Study in Tarot

I made a thing!

It is not a fibercraft thing, or a bead thing, or any of the other things I usually make. No. It is an ebook! For you, and for free!

From the Introduction:

In 2013, after a long period of barely touching the cards and being very lax in my religious practices, I decided to use the study again to reengage with the symbolism, with the part of myself that speaks that language best. Every morning, I drew a card, starting with the Major Arcana, then the minor (Pentacles, Cups, Swords, and Wands), working my way up the sequence, and then making a lateral study of each number of the suits, finding again the commonalities between them…. After due consideration, I picked one version of the card, whichever spoke to me most, and carried it with me for the day, taking it out and considering it again in quiet moments. At the end of the day, I journalled about it online….

The main body of this book is a journal, and is essentially personal thoughts on the cards. It's been edited for formatting, spelling, and grammar, but only lightly for content. I removed some of the most personal matters, fixed a few things that I had changed my mind on later, solved a few minor issues. It's still basically a journal, though. It's also, in a way, my own personal Little White Book, the tiny pamphlet that comes with most decks with brief explanations of the cards and how to read them. Something I can refer back to when I want to refresh my memory or think about a card again. Something I can annotate when I come to a new understanding.

The last thing you'll find in the book is a piece I wrote in 2001. I was taking a British Literature class, and we were reading A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess…. Having finished [the book], I went back to read the introduction, as is my habit with fiction, and was struck by Burgess' musings on the numerology. I wrote the piece by simply sticking one card in each chapter, in order, then briefly reviewing it in light of the card, and writing it down as I went.

If that sounds interesting to you, please <a href=https://www.dropbox.com/s/7qcm6lh358qfp7y/A%20Study%20in%20Tarot%20-%20Rebecca%20Lynn%20Scott.epub?dl=0>download my little book and give it a read. Feel free to pass it on to others as well. It’s released under a Creative Commons license.

An epub format book turns out to be very easy to make if you know a little HTML, and pretty much all readers and reader software will take it. I’m pretty happy with it, and there are other ebooks I hope to put together in the future.

In addition to the link in this post, you'll find a link to the Hex.Ink Books page in the menu bar, where this and any future ebooks will be found.