November 12, 2016


Sorry, folks, expect posts to be a bit thin on the ground for a while. I'm heartsick, terrified, and depressed, hurting too bad to write much.

I posted this to facebook, which my mother (who has usually voted Republican in the past; I don't know how she voted this election because we haven't spoken yet, and I likely won't ask, but her FB feed looks like maybe this year she got it) and various family members (some of whom are conservative and/or outright racist) follow me on.

I don't use this site much. I don't really like it. At all. But I figured this was a good place to say this, because of the audience.

Trump has vowed to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), and with both houses being Republican, he'll probably manage it.

I get ALL of my health care paid for by Obamacare. Including the meds I need, NEED, to function. Without my meds, I would be in a psych ward or dead, having committed suicide. I cannot afford these meds without it. Since one of the key meds is around$500-700 a MONTH, no one I know can help me that that.

If Trump repeals the ACA, I might very well die. Because, by the way, I also won't be able to afford to stay in a mental hospital.

Trump has promised to appoint justices who will overturn Roe vs. Wade. He wants to outlaw abortion. If something awful happened, and I was raped and got pregnant, and I was already off my meds, because the ACA was gone? I would definitely be suicidal then. I'm going to be trying to start a new career and at 40 next year, and I can't afford to get pregnant.

(I'm just keeping this focused on me personally to make a point here. There are better and broader points about abortion to be made, but I'm just talking about me for the moment.)

While Trump himself is less horribly homophobic than much of the rest of the Republican party, he will still almost certainly pick justices who will want to overturn marriage equality, simply because he'll be picking who he's told to pick, because he doesn't have much interest in governing himself, and has said so. My marriage is on the line, too. So is my ability to eat, shop, go to the movies, and anything else I damn well please, because some people think "religious freedom" means the freedom to treat people like they aren't people.

I won't even talk about what this means for my wife, who has it even worse than I do.

If you voted Republican at the national level this year -- and I mean Senate and House as well as president -- and any of these things or any of the dozens of other awful, horrible things that could happen, do happen? I hold you personally responsible.

If I can't get my meds, and so can't work, and maybe I commit suicide? That's YOUR FAULT, because you voted in the people who did that to me. If I need an abortion and can't get one, and that pregnancy wrecks my life or kills me because I had now access to medical care? That's YOUR FAULT, too. If my marriage ceases to be recognized by the federal government, and my wife and I lose our cherished protections because of it, and ANYTHING bad comes of that, that is YOUR FAULT.

If you love me, and you vote for Republicans... the message you are sending me is that your money is more important than my health, my rights, or my life. That's what you're telling me, right there. No amount of trying to convince me it's something else will work. Voting Republican means, and has meant since I was 16, wanting to put people into office who want to hurt and/or kill me, because you like your money better.

So. Know that if you're family or a friend, I still love you. But if you vote Republican, then I can't trust you to have my back, because you're already stabbing me in it.

Not gonna respond to any comments on this. Not gonna talk about it with anyone. Not interested.

I know that less than a quarter of the populace actually voted for trump (there was only a 46% turnout, and less than half of those who voted, voted for Trump), but that still means that more than half the populace didn't think my and other people's right were important enough to vote for. I knew my country didn't give a fuck about me before, but wow.