October 22, 2015

Agathosdaimon and more polyclay

I've been starting to get back to polyclay, although not yet to phalloi.

These first two are a couple of weeks old, and I just never got them photographed. The first is the prototype of what I'm calling a Baubo amulet, a yonic complement to the phalloi. Baubo means "belly", and was a euphemism for cunt. It's also the name of a figure out of the Eleusis myth of Demeter.

While Black Demeter wandered the earth in her grief, she took up a position as nursemaid to the King and Queen of Eleusis' infant son, Demopho├Ân, under the name Doso. Baubo was a servant in the same house, and set out to make the grieving woman laugh. When respectable jokes failed, she started telling dirtier and dirtier jokes, and doing lascivious dances. Finally, showing her "belly" actually got the goddess to laugh. This is the origin of the Attic festival of Thesmophoria, a women's festival of dirty jokes.

There is some suggestion that Baubo was a pre-Hellenic fertility goddess in her own right, eventually co-opted into this story.

So, this amulet honors her, and attempts to bring sexuality, humor and fertility, and to banish sadness.

Belly on one side...

...vulva on the other!

If I keep doing these, I'll try to get a variety of body and vulva shapes into them.

This one is a rough first draft of an Ariadne medallion. I hope to eventually be able to cast medallions for different gods in various materials, starting with simple resin, because it's cheap. I'd like, at some point, to learn to work in things like pewter and aluminum, but that's out of my price range for now.

I associate moths very strongly with Ariadne. This one combines a luna moth's wings with the death's-head moth's distinctive mark. It's much to rough to actually cast from, but I like the basic concept.

And here's the one I actually did this week, a representation of Agathosdaimon, to grace the shrine to him I'm finally goig to put together.

The colors are inspired by my beloved ball pythons, bronze and black with a white belly. Sadly, I barely approximated the actual markings, and the distinctive python shape was unmanageable as well. I like it anyway, all coiled up like that.

I'm still contemplating opening an online shop with amulets and votive figures and such. It's a ways off anyway.

Tomorrow, the virtual ritual companion to the Litany is going live. I meant to have sound and images to go with it, but have fallen down utterly on actually making that happen, so it's going up plain. Still, it will be there.