September 18, 2016

Akoites and Melampos, part 2

The Akoites and Melampos Project, part 2

Where'd I leave off, anyhow? I'm writing this offline, don't have access to what I wrote before. Also slightly under the influence of both dark cherry hard cider and books set in the Florida Keys, and between the two, I am regressing to my Southernness. So do please pardon me.

I imagine I already posted the materials and the beginnings of weaving. So I'll pick up about there.

The body of Akoites, ready to be cut off the loom. Sounds painful, eh? He don't seem to mind it though.

To get the dolls to stand upright, you turn the middle of the strip into a flat-bottomed pocket, and put flat river stones in.

Then you stitch up the sides and stuff the tube with more wool, and a layer of lavender to keep the moths away.

Looks a little wonky, doesn't he? It'll be ok. Needs some more shaping is all.

I foolishly tied together the warp ends at the top and stitched the shoulders closed. Foolishly, because I hadn't made the arms yet. I had to unpick it.

And here are both bodies without arms, waiting. And waiting for me to do the dying of their head-wool.

In the mean time, while I figure out what on earth to do now that the tea dyeing and the coffee dyeing haven't worked, I'd do some of their accoutrements.

A tricorn pirate's hat for Akoites, a cloak for Melampos, and a tiny thyrsos for one or the other of them.

Finally, I got the colors for the heads sorted, although not really to my satisfaction, and made the two sets of arms merely by twining lengths of yarn together.

Here's Akoites, more or less finished, just needing dolphin and thyrsos, front and back.

Here's Melampos, who's so dark he doesn't photograph well in my living room, but who still needs his braids finished, plus a staff and his sneks.

And here's the pair of them, finished.


Plymouth Select DK Merino Superwash, white
brown merino
black merino
red merino
raw wool (hair and stuffing)
lavender (stuffing)
brackberry bramble, thorns removed (thyrsos)
tiny pinecone (thyrsos)

white merino
silver-grey kid mohair

Plymouth Select DK Merino Superwash, black
red merino (cloak, snake)
white merino (cloak, snake)
dark brown merino
raw wool (stuffing)
lavender (stuffing)
no 12 crochet thread, black (hair)
metallic charcoal Angelina (hair ties)
blackberry bramble, thorns removed (staff)