July 25, 2022

Almost August

How? I dunno. But it's almost here and I'm about to freak out.

Mysterious Mushroom Candle

I got a delightfully mysterious gift in the mail the other day, of five morel-shaped beeswax candles, and spent a couple of days talking about them everywhere and trying to figure out who sent them. Today I got a message from someone I've drifted apart from somewhat asking if I'd received my package! I not only got the gift of amazing candles, but the gift of a fun mystery and the satisfaction of its resolution.

Now I need to do a shot of the candles, lit, in a pentacle around the giant dried morel I have, which is waiting for me to find an appropriate staff to mount it on top of.

The giant morel, which I found in my back yard, before drying.

And now on to more august matters.

The List


The Alchemist's Cookbook
The House
Signal Intrusion
Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities
The Devil's Backbone
The Night House (HBO)
No One Gets Out Alive (Netflix)
Bright burn
Donnie Darko
Noroi: The Curse
The Cleansing Hour
The Night House
Velvet Buzzsaw
Apostle (2018)
The Descent

From (Epix)
A Ghost Story for Christmas
Evil (paramount plus)
Mushi-shi (anime, possibly undubbed)

The Little Fears
Channel 51
Mandela catalogue

What Moves the Dead by T Kingfisher
MR James
Dreams from the Witch House, edited by Lynne Jamneck
Hammers On Bone by Cassandra Khaw
The Picnic by Gerald Durrell
Joplin's Ghost by Tananarive Due
Lockwood and Co by Jonathan Stroud
The Valancourt Book of World Horror
Tinfoil Dossier series by Caitlin R Kiernan
Sky by John Langan
The Fisherman by John Langan
A Dark Matter by Michelle Paver
Thin Air by Michelle Paver
Wakenhyrst by Michelle Paver
Slade House by David Mitchell
The Croning by Laird Barron
Strangers by Taichi Yamada

The Left Right Game
Wake of Corrosion
I Am In Eskew
The Cellar Letters

Junji Ito
Harrow County

Leviathan: The Old City
Conarium (Lovecraft’s Mountains of Madness essentially)
Kentucky Route Zero
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

As usual, I will make my way through only a fraction of The List, but at least I have a good variety!

I am especially looking forward to The Sandman (a Netflix adaptation of my beloved Gaiman comics, which looks amazing and is made by a crew of huge Sandman fans, to the point that when Gaiman pointed out once that something was inaccurate to reality to the showrunner, the showrunner replied with a shot of the comic panel to prove that it was wrong in the comic), The Alchemist's Cookbook (in which, I'm told, the horror element is derived from the protagonist not having his psych meds and slowly losing touch with reality), and What Moves the Dead (T Kingfisher's take on The Fall of the House of Usher).