Alphabelt Part II

project Nov 12, 2015

I've gotten behind on documenting this, so here's a bunch of pictures.

Work on the Alphabelt continues! Quite swiftly, even. I can get three or four letters done a day, as long as I take breaks so I don't get those damned headaches.


  • Letters with diagonals are going to be really wide, and there's really nothing to be done about that.
  • You're not going to be happy with that, but really, it's ok.
  • Wherever possible, use two threads for a horizontal.
  • Wherever possible, only use 4 pick floats. For letters with 2 thread horizontals and 5 pick floats, swap off single pick breaks in the float.
  • When adding a second horizontal to a center horizontal, add it above the center line.


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