November 14, 2015

Alphabelt Part III: Off the Loom

The belt is off the loom, and I am SOOO excited!

Now it needs to be washed, and I need to buy and install the hardware. I've decided to use grommets, since the pattern turned out longer than I expected, and to part the threads around them.

Total length, unwashed: 47"
Pattern length, unwashed: 39.5"

Notes to self:

  • You're always going to hate the phi the most. Sigma's pretty bad too. Everyone else likes them, so cope.
  • Your obligatory small-error-that-no-on-else-will notice, which you did not see until it was off the loom and you could do nothing, was on the psi.

A how-to post for basketweave pickup has been requested. This means there will be an entire series of inkle how-to posts, because I don't do small.