February 21, 2021

Announcing a Craft Magic Workshop

Announcing the first in a series of online workshops on Craft Magic!

Presented by Rebecca Lynn Scott

Easter Egg Silks

March 13, 2021, 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific

Price: $0.00

Please email hexdotink@gmail.com for the link, any questions, or to receive news about future workshops in this series.

This workshop would be fun to do with kids, although there is very hot water involved, so it must be supervised or assisted for children under 12.

This workshop is free, but future workshops in the series will be $20 each. Every workshop is stand-alone, and no previous experience in the topic is required or any specialized equipment.

You will need to acquire all materials and equipment needed for the workshop yourself if you wish to create the project at home, but you are welcome to attend just to watch and ask questions. Where materials are specialty items, a link to an inexpensive source will be provided, but most materials will be easily found in craft stores, grocery stores, or online.

Materials needed:

silk scarves, 1-2 small scarves per color*

basic egg dye (recommended: Paas Classic)

distilled white vinegar


plastic wrap

dish soap, preferably dye-free

vinyl, rubber, or nitrile gloves (optional, but keep you from staining your hands)

Equipment needed:

microwave-safe bowls, enough for each color, sized for cereal or soup

3 mixing bowls, dish pans, or buckets (mix and match)

1 wooden or plastic stirring spoon

microwave oven

iron with silk setting (optional)

ironing board (optional)

Optional, but fun for packaging the finished scarves:

hollow plastic eggs

*Recommended: H86, H88, H822 and/or H830 from https://www.dharmatrading.com/scarves/silk/habotai-scarves-8mm.html?lnav=default.html These can be mixed and matched however you like. None of them cost more than $7 apiece, and some are as low as $1.67 each.

Future workshops in this series will include:

Thigh-spinning ritual cords

Stringing prayer beads

Weaving amulet bags

Painting spirit rattles

Wet felting eggs for incubating spells

About the presenter:

Rebecca Lynn Scott has been practicing magic for more than 25 years, and crafting even longer. Her favorite crafts these days are spinning, weaving, bead jewelry making, and needle felting. She lives in Seattle with her wife and cats.