February 21, 2014

Arachne’s Shrine Wallet

Warning: There is a spider at the end of this post.

The two parts of the wallet shrine for Arachne:

You can’t really see it, but the outside is actually stitched with Arachne’s name in Greek and the wandering thread, both with the Purple Thread. Damn black background. Won’t do that again.

The inside, of course, has the frame loom, a picture/prayer frame, and now… flattened pennies.

These three are from Woodland Park Zoo’s spider exhibit some years back. I was pretty pleased with myself for going, as I’ve been attempting to get over my arachnophobia for years, and I ran three pennies through the machine to commemorate it. From top left to bottom right, they are Golden Orb Weaver (my favorite; beautiful webs), Happy Face Spider, and the infamous Black Widow.

And now, just because, here’s a banana spider, the kind that lived in my childhood backyard.

Image from here.

These are a rather large variety of golden orb weaver. The females’ leg spans easily reach 5”, with a two-inch-long body, and they can spin webs that are twelve feet across. The silk shines golden in the sun (the origin of the name golden orb, and of the alternate name yellow silk). On a dewy morning, they’re amazing. Even when I was most terrified of spiders, I loved those webs.

(The wolf spiders that often made it into the house were another matter. Nearly as big as the banana spiders in the yard, they were hairy, like a tarantula, and they tended to get really close, and sometimes to jump. Those were flat-out terrifying. Still are. I’ve got the willies thinking about them. Worse than palmetto bugs, the infamous giant flying cockroaches of Florida.)

Now I just need to sew the two together, and I can start Ariadne's.