August 8, 2020

August 2020, post the second

This week I:

Went up in a hot air balloon, which is not particularly scary for me, but is for some.

Began teaching my Talking to Monsters class, which was somewhat scary for me, and is about fear and, well, monsters.

Listened to various podcasts, including:

  • Creepy
  • Unwell
  • No Sleep
  • Magnus Archives
  • Shadows at the Door
  • Vast Horizon

Of these, Unwell is new to me, recommended by an acquaintance. It's a Midwestern Gothic tale of a small town, a maybe-haunted boarding house, a mother, a daughter, a historian, and an astronomer.


  • The Ninth Gate, which is a little eerie but not scary, per se, but my wife was up, and I can't watch anything gruesome with her in the room, lest she see something she doesn't want to see.
  • House on Haunted Hill, the 1999 remake. Which was fun, but didn't really scare me the way I'm looking for.

Started a reread of House of Leaves. I haven't read this in nearly twenty years, but I remember enjoying it, even though it was well before I got into horror. A lot of the interesting formatting gets lost in the ebook, but... the story is more interesting.

I'm trying to at least get in some podcast listening and some reading every day, and preferably watch something as well, but it's hard to watch horror just now, with my wife and I on the same schedule (most years, I've relied on time when she's asleep and I'm awake for my horror-watching).

I'm also starting to do Laura Tempest Zakroff's Witchual Workouts, as many days as I can manage it. Intentional movement is also grounding.