August 4, 2019

August Horror Report, Week 1

August Horror Report

Since my list is so long, and I didn't get to as much as I wanted to last year, this year I'm trying to watch something as close to every day as possible. I'm also logging daily, so I'll be posting weekly.

I try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but HTML doesn't natively support tags, so read at your own risk.

August 1
-- <a href=>Into the Dark, season 1, episode 1, "The Body"

Into the Dark is an episodic anthology show, each one unconnected.

It's Halloween, and there's a killer on the loose. A contract killer is dragging around a dead body wrapped in plastic, blood smeared on his face, and he keeps getting complimented on his costume.

More a thriller than the kind of horror I usually go for, and everybody's got their own personal idiot ball, but I liked the ending, so... shrug

August 2
-- <a href=>Swamp Thing, season 1, episode 9

DC's streaming service put out a good version of the comic Swamp Thing! Yay! The costume looks terrific, it's got good acting, I've been super happy with it!

It got canceled before the first episode was posted. Boo. Something about DC not getting all the tax breaks they wanted from Georgia.

Plot summary for the series, not the episode, because this is the penultimates one, and spoilers.

CDC doctor Abby Arcane is called to the hometown she left and never looked back to, Marais, Louisiana. A strange "green flu" has struck the small town, plants are growing inside people, and something strange is going on in the swamp. Biologist Alec Holland is out there researching what's happening, and he thinks a mutagenic contaminant is being dumped out there. When he's shot and his boat is blown up in Skeeter Cove (still first episode), things get even weirder, and the Swamp Thing is born.

I've been enjoying the hell out of this, even if the body horror is a bit much sometimes.

-- And the Trees Crept In by Dawn Kurtagich, novel

Silla and Nori, on the run from their father, who "got bad", go to their Aunt Cath's place, which their mother always referred to as the "blood manor". There are weird things in the woods, and the Amazon summary appears to have spoiled the damn ending. Oh, well, it still sounds good.

August 3

-- <a href=>Absentia (2001)

From the director of Oculus, a movie I adore, easily in my all-time top 3.

A missing man, his pregnant wife, her visiting sister, and a tunnel...

Faerie abduction!

Tense and creepy, not as amazing as Oculus, but pretty damn good. A few jump scares, but not too bad.

-- <a href=>Hereditary (2018)

Got leery of this one from the way mental illness was discussed, gave up when, well, when something gruesome that I hadn't expected happened.

-- Into the Dark, season 1, episode 1, "Flesh & Blood"

A teen girl with agoraphobia begins to suspect that her father is a serial killer.

Scary, but not for the reasons I usually prefer.

August 4

-- <a href=>Channel Zero, season 4, episode one, "Ashes on My Pillow"

Channel Zero is a seasonal anthology show based on creepypastas. This season, which is the last, is based on "I found a hidden door in my cellar, and I think I've made a big mistake". The first season was pretty good, but it's gone steadily downhill since. This season did not get good reviews, but the first episode managed to be fucking creepy, partially because I'd read the source material before.

Newlyweds Jillian and Tom Hodgson, best friends since childhood, move into Tom's childhood home, a wedding gift from his mother. Nice place, too, built by Tom's father, a contractor. Their first day in the house, they find an adorable little black pug in the basement, one that bears a strange resemblance to a toy Jillian had when she was very young. The next day, there's a blue door in the far wall that simply hasn't ever been there before...

I'm sitting here writing this with the video paused on What's In The Subbasement, freaked out by what's coming next. Here goes...


Seriously glad I watched the last few minutes with the sound off. This series makes heavy use of sound effects and creepy music, and it can seriously mess with me.

Also, yay, Jillian is played by Maria Sten, who's also on Swamp Thing, and who is great!