August 27, 2019

August Horror Report, Week 4 (already?)

August 19-20

-- podcasts, book, comics

Augst 21

-- NOS4A2, season 1, episode 3

I really am enjoying the hell out of this. I'd binge it if I weren't spending my prime bingeing days watching movies instead.

August 22

-- NOS4A2, season 1, episode 4

Ack. Eek. Holy shit. Not really comfortable with some of these developments, nope. Bad tropes.

August 23

-- NOS4A2, season 1, episodes 5-6

As much fun as I am having with this, it's using some ugly ugly tropes. The worst kind of Psychopathic Manchild, plus a whole slew of anti-psychiatric tropes like Medicate the Medium, Therapy is for the Weak, a bit of Psycho Psychologist (don't trust a shrink who insists on calling you by a name you choose not to use). I'm less and less happy with this show. Gonna finish it anyway, unless it manages to get a lot worse.

August 24

-- <a href=>Us (2019)

Holy shit, this was the scariest thing I've watched this year. I'm talking, keeping keys in my fist walking in the dark, waking up half expecting to see that smiling kid staring at me, kind of scary. FUCK.

Jordan Peele's latest horror movie. New twist on a classic concept. Nice change-up at the end. Superb acting -- not that I expect anything less from Lupita Nyong'o and Winston Duke. And it had Elizabeth Moss who played Zoey in West Wing, lo these many years ago.

August 25

-- Into the Dark, Season 1, episode 6, <a href=>"Treehouse"

OK, I skipped ahead to this one because it looked like the coolest episode, and also because it had Jimmi Simpson, who I loved in DEBS (but has been in bigger and better stuff since).

Asshole celebrity chef, coven of witches with awesome masks out to get him, fucking well delightful.