September 3, 2019

August Horror Report, Week 5 (AAAAAH!)

August 26-27

-- podcasts

August 28

-- Finished The Coffin Road, the weird creepy gothic novel I was reading, and started reading some MR James ghost stories. Classic English ghost stories from the Victorian era, good stuff. Only made it through a few before the end of the month.

August 29-30

-- podcasts (busy week)

August 31

-- <a href=>Before I Wake (2016)

A young boy, on his fifth or sixth set of foster parents, lands with a couple whose son drowned in the bathtub. The boy is pleased that the curtains in his new room (which they offer to change for anything he likes) has butterflies, as he's very fond of them. He also notices and asks about the only photo of the couple's son that they left on the wall. His first night in their house, the couple find beautiful butterflies flittering about their living room. The next night, they see their dead son there as well, silent and smiling, dressed in the same clothes as he is in that photo. The boy's dreams come to life.

The problem with this, of course, is that all children have nightmare.

Nicely scary, with a surprisingly sweet ending. From the director of Oculus.

September 1

-- NOS4A2, episodes 7-10

Finally past most of the anti-psych stuff, the end of this season (there's at least one more to come) was much better, although it still did some gross stuff with Bing. I'll still probably watch the second season, though.

I feel like I should do a bigger wrap-up, but I don't know what to say, much.

I do feel like doing this these past few years has kept me more grounded. August used to leave me feeling like a barely-tethered balloon, liable to float off at any moment, unable to focus or function well. I'm realizing that these past few years, I haven't felt that way, and at least part of that, I attribute to my horror marathons. Not sure why horror specifically would have this effect, but I'm not gonna argue.

Us is still the scariest damn thing I saw this year, and now I totally have had nightmares about it. SO GOOD!