July 18, 2014

August is Coming

August is Coming

For full effect, imagine that like the “Winter is Coming” thing from the Martin series/show. This is how ominous it seems on the horizon. I rather expect that when at last I come to die, it will be during August.

I am considering laying aside my normal observations for the month of August (or possibly for the lunar month that overlaps most with August, July 27 - August 25; still thinking about that), and dedicating all of my worship to Hecate. I’m not sure yet what forms that might take. I might simply make a mantic pithos, and just ask her what she wants me to do each day. I may also take the time to finish the Hekatean oracle I’ve been working on for a while. Do some deep trancework. Explore Hekate’s entourage. But shut down everything else. Cover over the other altars, after giving suitable offerings, and do not work with those gods for the month.

August belongs to Hekate, and I have, of late, spent an awful lot of time on Dionysos and his associates. I belong to Hekate, and for August, I will enact that fully in my life.

But tonight, it is not yet August. After a record streak of days above 80F, it is pleasantly cool tonight, with occasional sprinkles of rain. I can think. I can string together a few sentences. I have a post up <a href=>on the Boukoleon. I’ve been reading more creepypastas, and found more mirrors. I made a really tasty meal for which I had all of the ingredients I wanted to have, and which my wife was actually excited by.

It’s a good night.

And August is Coming.