September 3, 2015

August is over

(Sorry, there was some downtime there. Back now.)

Truly, Fall started this year in the last few days of August. We had rain and a winter windstorm on the 29th. My house was without power for two days solid. That never happens at this time of year. The thermometer hit 100F in June, which is also pretty much unheard of here. It’s been a freaky year for weather, and I’m kind of scared about winter.

I found a link to this essay by Al Aronowitz, called “August Blues”. He gets it.

The sailing ships used to get becalmed in August. August is when dogs go mad. American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell was assassinated by one of his own subordinates in August. This is the month when the sale of tranquilizers goes up. Corporate executives get their heads chopped off. Groups break up. Organizations fizzle out. August is when you start seeing things. The stars fall in August. You wake to days with the feeling you’ve already lived through them. People pass out in the street and on airplanes. The moon talks to you. August is the month of visions.

It’s over now, though, well and truly.

Summer’s gone. Autumn’s here. Praise gods.

I’m editing the Litany to the Many Dead, in hopes of self-publishing in October. I’m picking up studying SQL and CSS again, and probably Rails soon, too. I have an idea for a Twine game to go with the Litany, but I’ll definitely need some skills I don’t have yet to pull it off.

Fall is here, and I feel awake again. Time to work on things.