May 2, 2016

Back to the Rainbow Flag

More than a year after I stopped working on my rainbow flag throw, I'm finally picking it up again.

To recap, the idea is, a giant queer rainbow flag throw made up of individual tiny triangles woven on my little 4" triloom. Each triangle will have a spell woven into it. Red for protection, orange for strength, yellow for prosperity (changed from wisdom), green for health, blue for peace, and purple for passion. Each color is to have two rows built of 72 triangles, not 54, as one of the previous posts states, and not three rows as I originally planned, because my math was wrong and it wound up being like 8' long. (I thought the little loom was 4" along the hypotenuse, but it's 4" along the leg and about 6" along the hypotenuse.) So the finished thing should be 6'x8'. If I ever finish.

I did finish one row of red before I left off, and have it all stitched together and everything. Somewhere. Now I can't find it. That's bad. I hope it turns up before I'm ready to stitch the whole thing together, or that's a lot of work down the drain. I'm sure I put it somewhere "safe".

At any rate, it feels good to have an ongoing project again.