December 5, 2014

Blue Cocoons

Having been struck with inspiration, and possibly a fit of hypomania, I stayed up waaaay too late to create a silk cocoon amulet.

It's an entire cocoon, dead silkworm still inside (it's part of the power of it), painted in shades of blue (which unfortunately did not come out so well in this shot, and are kind of subtle in person), a written incantation tucked in with the silkworm, and the cord spun just for it. This one is marked with a silve psi, for psyche.

A cocoon amulet, of course, is best for transformation, change, death and rebirth, and I want to direct that change inside my skull, where things have been kind of nasty of late. If I can smooth out some of the internal crunchiness, I'm hoping I'll be able to smooth out other parts of my life as well.

I've got two more cocoons already painted blue:

(Sorry, that's a crap picture.) Both are approximately the same color, they just each have a light side and a dark side.

If anybody wants a customized one, I shall be happy to oblige. Since they're basically prototypes, call it $30.