March 2, 2017


Over at Little Red Tarot, I found this post with a challenge to create one oracle deck card per day from March 1-March 30 to make a unique new deck, and to post the pictures of the cards every day.

Wow, I thought, what a great idea. I've been playing with a lot of ideas for oracle decks, mostly ones that play to my strengths. But what the hell, I'll throw that out the window for this project, and instead use it to get me both drawing and blogging again.

I immediately decided that I wanted to do one that was half black ink on white cards and half white ink on black cards, and to use imagery out of the Starry Bull tradition. At first I was going to include the Toys of Dionysos in the cards, but really, they're their own oracle, all by themselves. This will be something else.

Well, yesterday I didn't have the card stock, but I drew an idea in my little sketchbook:

As ever, not good art, but whatever, it's got me drawing.

Today I went and bought some card stock, but before I could trim it to the size I want (quite small) or do any drawing, the migraine I had earlier in the week came back, and now I have to sit in the dark while I wait for pills to kick in. But I hope I can get a couple more done, and Snake redrawn on a card, tomorrow or Sunday. This project may take me rather longer than March, especially given that I have finals this month, but I would like to get a 30-card deck made, just for myself, to prove to myself that I can.

And now I need to go lie down. Ow.