December 4, 2014

Creating Again

I know no one is reading this any longer. I'm sorry. It's been bad these last few months. I'll crosspost this around for people to see.

I am contemplating starting up a small crafting business. Weaving and spinning, of course, mostly, but also a few other things. Amulets. Spell paper for genius loci, nymphs, and other nature spirits. Prayer hangings like this one, both custom and not. Ritual cords. Spell thread/yarn. Woolly gods (or cotton, linen or silk). Needle-felted gods. Red clay Hellenic alphabet oracle sets. Hanged Maiden divinatory pendulum.

That sort of thing. Would anyone be interested? I'd have to run a crowdfunding campaign to get materials.

Update: Excitement caused me to stay up much too late to make this.