May 12, 2014

Daily Prayers, again

I’ve been shaking up my daily rituals again, simplifying them a bit. I have less energy in the mornings just now, due to poor health and poor sleep, and doing yoga (which is actually part of my devotionals to Dionysos, and I really need to find some equivalent for Hekate) takes up a lot of the time and energy I used to devote to other things.

So, right now, I come in, perform my lustration, drum the weather for my plants (poor indoor things don’t get weather), drum for practice, pray, and then do yoga. I’ve added Hestia and Apollo to my daily prayers. Hestia because, well, she really ought to be part of any Hellenic daily prayers. I’m somewhat ambivalent about adding Apollo, having generally had little to do with him, but I’m playing with it for my divinatory and occasional oracular practices. I’ve always connected both far more with Hekate and Dionysos, but perhaps Apollo deserves a place in my prayers, too, so I’m giving it a try and seeing how it goes. I’m sure I’ll be let know if it’s not necessary or appropriate in some fashion.

Possibly I should also be adding Athene for the fiber crafts.

So, my current daily prayers, all spinning-style, although I could drum them instead:

I pray to Dionysos
Loud-roaring Liberator
Who saves me with madness and wine
I spin for Dionysos of the Wild Places

I pray to Hermes
Skywalker and clever thief
Who keeps safe the traveller
I spin for Hermes of the High Places

I pray to Hestia
Who keeps safe my home
And bids me show hospitality to guests
I spin for Hestia of the Warm Hearth

I pray to Apollo
Pythian Oracle
Shining brilliant with knowledge
I spin for Apollo of the true words

I pray to Hekate
Who guides me on all roads
And watches over me at the crossroads
I spin for Hekate of the Silver Road

I pray to Okeanos and Tethys
From whose waters we came
To whose waters we will return
I spin for Okeanos and Tethys of the salt depths

And then I generally add the verses for the day’s Starry Bull and Purple Thread worship.

Right now, my ritual spinning is the silk for the orphininos bracelets.

Evening ritual is meant to be lustration, asana breathing, and more spinning (I really ought to write about the spinning spirits I’m working with now for magical rather than religious purposes, but I’m not sure I’m ready to), but I’m doing well right now to manage lustration.

I’ve dug up a dandelion in preparation for making an alraun, but need to get it potted and begin developing a relationship with the live plant before I do that. Feed it on milk and honey, love it. And, hopefully, grow the root a little thicker. Its tendrils are long, but thin and fragile, and I’d like them tougher.

Here, have some cute spiders.