August 7, 2016

Deck Ideas

So last night I could NOT sleep, and had one of those times when the ideas come sleeting in and just will not leave me alone, and I have to write everything done. And last night it was oracle card decks.

I've been thinking for a long time of making a deck of cards of the Litany, to be used as prayer cards. I've also been thinking of getting or making a more nuanced and complex oracle for my Dead. (The Earthbound Oracle is FANTASTIC, but it mostly allows for short sentences.) I really want to do a bone casting oracle for them. But last night it occurred to me that I could also make my own oracle deck. Something that, like the Earthbound, could give me sentences, but something that had more verbs to work with, and that was more personal. I also want something that will work with the Litany. Like, you pick a verse (either on purpose or by chance) to define who you're trying to speak to or receive a message from, and you read off the prayer and ask them to talk with you. Then you have a conversation by the medium of the cards. I'd want them to be lino cut prints (which I can do a little of, with fairly simple designs), white on black, with the card name written on in white ink. (Link so I can find it again: double-sided lino blocks for cheap in a size that will do well for poker sized deck. Originals should be 4" x 5.6", which fits well on a 4" x 6" block.)

So I was really excited by this idea, and started coming up with cards.

And then I remembered this post of Sannion's on bricolage, and I thought, wow, how much fun would a bricolage deck be. I could do one on my own, but we could also do them as group projects. The Bacchic Underground could do one. The Starry Bull tradition could do one, and give decks to new initiates. We could make small decks together on retreats. The possibilities are ridiculously broad.

So I did a bit of divination, and my Dead kept warning me away from doing the Many Dead deck now. Cards like Deceit and Obfuscation kept coming up. Finally, I asked if I could do it eventually, and was told in another cycle of the sun. So next year.

But the divination said I could start small on the bricolage deck!

I really do not need any more projects. Really really. But a project where I can take an afternoon every now and again to throw together a couple of pieces, especially when I feel like it doesn't strain what I know how to do, that sounds doable.

Why do I have to get great ideas right before finals?