July 2, 2015

Developing a Litany to the Many Dead

If you like my work, please consider donating a little to the ongoing fundraiser for Bakcheion, which I'm part of. There's only 18 days left, and we're at less than a third of our goal.

The work I talked about in previous posts writing prayers to the Dead has now expanded considerably in scope. Following a discussion on the Bacchic Grotto mailing list, I was inspired to start writing verses for specific groups of the Dead, starting with those who died in the Shoah* and the Maafa**. I'm adding more and more groups. Queer people, trans people, poor people, people forced into labor and concentration camps, Roma and Sinti people, those who died by water or by fire or by falling, and more. I've got twenty verses so far, with more and more ideas coming. If I can get a hundred, I'll put them together in an ebook.

In the mean time, if anybody has suggestions for groups of the Dead who deserve remembrance, please let me know. The comments on Hex are still broken, and I have no idea why, but you can email me or if you've followed a link from another place I blog comment there.

*A Hebrew word for the Holocaust as it affected Jews specifically.

**The great disaster of slaughter and enslavement of Africans, including all those who died on the transatlantic crossing and who died in bondage in the Americas.