October 16, 2015

Do it now

Last month, I got a bunch of urgent and difficult things done. This month, I've been feeling burnt out and have been having trouble getting much of anything done. Talking to my new therapist this week, I wandered onto the topic of tarot, and was explaining the verb theory of the suits, that each suit has a verb that sums it up. I listed Wands as "to do", and so I've been working with Wands during morning ritual since then. It's kind of helping.

While setting my box of working tarot decks to rights, I located my Morgan's Tarot deck in the bottom. For those unfamiliar with it, it's not a true tarot, lacking any sort of structure at all, much less the Major/Minor/suits of tarot. Instead, it's a divinatory or oracle deck. I don't usually care much for those, although I own a few, but I like Morgan's. It's a silly, compassionate, hippy, and very very human sort of deck, with cards like Tomato Potato Eggplant, This Is Central Headquarters, BOO!!, and more. On impulse, I picked it up, and it gave me some good advice. So now I'm using that every morning as well, a simple three-card spread.

Today's was particularly good. I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night, didn't finally pass out until after 8, and had to take pills I don't like to manage it then. These pills leave me even more tired and logy than my usual ones, and being up that late meant there was no way I was going to be able to make the Very Important Call I really needed to get done today. I woke up with a sense of despair on top of my exhaustion.

But my Morgan's knew just what to say, and I got Do It Now, Whatever's Right, and Don't Worry You Can Do No Wrong. It made me feel immensely better, and gave me the energy to make another phone call I needed to make. I want to carry that over into actually making something (which I haven't managed in weeks) in just a little while here, too.