September 1, 2021

Early Autumn

We're an hour into September, and it's only 51F outside. It looks like an early Autumn here in Seattle. After the absurd heat wave we had replacing our usual June Gloom, I'll absolutely take it.

I finished up the last few days of August with more podcasts, a quick burst of creepypastas, and the movie Dark City. Dark City was a 1998 oddball flick, more a thriller than a horror film, starring Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, and Jennifer Connolly (yes, the girl from Labyrinth; she never got the career she deserved). At midnight, everyone in the city falls asleep, except for two men. One remembers nothing, but awakes in a hotel room with a dead and mutilated body; the other claims to be his doctor. The sun never rises. People's faces changes as if actors in a movie have been switched out. (Ha.) And strange bald men in black roam the city while everyone else sleeps. Good movie, very much in keeping with the general theme of weird-but-not-scary I had mostly running this year.

I read the second of Margaret Killjoy's Danielle Cain novellas, The Barrow Will Bring What It May, and that was very good, and made me want more of those. I finished off that long, multi-part creepypasta, too, "My Wife and I Bought a Ranch" (which starts here). And threw in "Mr. Widemouth" and "I Went to the Address on My Fake ID" as well. Podcasts were more of the same, although I did go back for an episode of Mabel, a horror serial about... let's see, how was it originally described to me that sold me on it? "Fae Bullshit and the Feral (and Less Feral) Lesbiabs It Happens To", I think. Which is accurate, as far as it goes. Anna Limon is a home caregiver for a secretive old woman in a biiiiig old house, trying to reach out to the only living relative Sally has: her granddaughter Mabel. So she calls and leaves Mabel voicemail messages. Even though she never gets a response. They get longer and longer, and things get stranger and stranger. It's amazing, and I'm so sad that the story's already over and that when I catch up (I have fewer than ten episodes left), there won't be any more.

I'm almost done with my rhythm bones, my calciferous krotala. I would have like to have finished them in August, but I didn't quite get it done. Oh well.

What follows is just record-keeping, my tally of what I read, watched, and listened to this month.

Actually watched:
Willy's Wonderland (7/31)
Haunting of Bly Manor E2-3 (8/4)
Haunting of Bly Manor E4 (8/5)
Haunting of Bly Manor E5-6 (8/6)
Synchronic (8/7)
Haunting of Bly Manor E7 (8/10)
Lake Mungo (8/11)
Haunting of Bly Manor E8 (8/13)
Haunting of Bly Manor E9 (8/16)
Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest
The Woods (2006) (8/21)
Dark City (8/31)

The Lamb Will Slaughter the Lion by Margaret Killjoy
This Is Not a Ghost Story by V. Medina (8/12)
What We Make Of The Dead by V. Medina (8/15)
Seedling by V. Medina (8/15)
Creepypasta: My Wife and I Bought a Ranch ( part 1 (8/16)
Creepypasta: My Wife and I Bought a Ranch part 2
Creepypasta: My Wife and I Bought a Ranch part 3
The Barrow Will Send What It May by Margaret Killjoy (8/24)
Creepypasta: My Wife and I Bought a Ranch ( part 4 (8/24)
Creepypasta: My Wife and I Bought a Ranch ( part 5 (8/30)
Creepypasta: My Wife and I Bought a Ranch ( part 6 (8/30)
Creepypasta: I Went to the Address on My Fake ID ( (8/30)
Creepypasta: Mr. Widemouth ( (8/30)

NoSleep S16E16 (8/3)
Creepy: The Curse of Sepia (8/3)
The Ghosts on This Road: Shore (8/6)
The Ghosts on This Road: Trespass (8/6)
The Ghosts on This Road: Reel (8/6)
A Scottish Podcast E0-8 (8/7)
A Scottish Podcast E9-11 (8/8)
A Scottish Podcast E12 (8/10)
Unwell S3E10 (8/12)
Mistholme Museum E1 (8/13)
Hi Nay E13.5 (8/14)
NoSleep S16E17 (8/14)
Steve Reads E12: "Making Ends Meet" by Aaron Vlek (8/17)
Creepy: A Man In a Costume Is Pretending My Mom's Dog (8/17)
Creepy: A Peculiar Kind of Madness (8/19)
Unwell S3E11 (8/19)
Hi Nay: Hunger (8/19)
Creepy: Along the Water (8/19)
NoSleep S16E18 (8/20)
Thirteen E22: I Can See the Future (8/21)
NoSleep S16E19 (8/21)
The Storage Papers E10a (8/22)
The Storage Papers E10 (8/22)
The Storage Papers E11 (8/22)
A Scottish Podcast E13 (8/22)
A Scottish Podcast E14 (8/23)
A Scottish Podcast E15 (8/24)
A Scottish Podcast E16 (8/24)
A Scottish Podcast E17 (8/24)
Creepy: Strange Finds (8/25)
Creepy: I'm an Insomniac with Missing Memories (8/25)
NoSleep S16E20 (8/25)
Creepy: The Hole to Hell (8/26)
Creepy: The Dripping Clock (8/26)
The Storage Papers E12 (8/27)
The Storage Papers E13 (8/27)
Hi Nay E14: Tanong (8/27)
A Scottish Podcast E18 (8/27)
Mistholme Museum: Nascent (8/27)
Mistholme Museum: Spiraling (8/27)
A Scottish Podcast E19 (8/27)
A Scottish Podcast E20 (8/30)
Mabel E31 (8/31)
The NoSleep Podcast S16E21 (8/31)