August 10, 2015

NSFW Phlying Phalloi

The Greeks and Romans used winged phalloi amulets to ward off evil. They'd even make windchimes out of them.

Ursula Vernon, a favorite artist and author of mine, started drawing <a href=>really adorable ones some while ago, and fires a few more off from time to time.

I've been wanting for a while now to make ridiculous cute brightly colored polyclay phalloi, half as amulets and half as fan work for Ms. Vernon. I finally got 'round to it.

Presenting the Phabulous Phlying Phalloi:

That's the first batch of 'em. The green and yellow were prototypes, basically, and they came out pretty well, so then I made the other two, and got a little fancier. The orange one has bronze wings and looks like he's off on one of Hermes' missions, while the pink putti-style one has a light pink/blue shimmer on his little head (and he's less beige and more cute-pink). They're about 2-2.5" long, with as much as a 2.75" wingspan.

I will be selling these, for $25 + $5 shipping. The first sale or two pays for more materials, so I can pick up more colors and some glaze and make more.

Eventually, I need a better camera and a macro lens.