August 6, 2016

Following up on the ancestor dream

After some thought and divination, I've finally done something I've been thinking and talking about doing for months. I called the Spiritual Care Offices of three local hospitals and volunteered to be put on their lists of people who will come pray with (or, in the case of pagans, do ritual with) patients and families. I learned about this from a hospice chaplain I know through Death Cafe. Hospitals usually simply have no resources specific to paganism or polytheism. How could they? Our communities are so small, and so few people know that this exists.

I encourage anyone who has the interest to do the same. Simply call a local hospital and ask for the Spiritual Care Office. Tell them you want to volunteer to pray with pagans and polytheists.

Most hospitals don't allow flames, which rules out candles and incense. I suggest LED candles and electric oil diffusers. (I have lots of battery candles, but can't currently afford to buy a diffuser. :P )