February 2, 2021

Garden planning

Garden planning

My yard has been cleared of blackberry bramble, so I have some space to grow things again. Since I don't know how much bramble will try to come back, I'm planning to seed the ground with mostly native plants (a meadow mix of grasses and wildflowers, some Oregon grape, maybe a couple of other things) that I'm not necessarily trying to harvest (although if that Oregon grape does well, I'd like to make some jam; probably that's a long-term project, though) and put the non-native stuff in containers. I'm planning a mix of edibles and poisons, the latter kept well away from the former, of course.

Here's the list at the moment:

tomato bags:
Artemis cherries
indigo blush

potato bags:
potatoes (purple)
carrots (purple)
beets (multi)

naked bear pumpkin
lettuce mix

edible hanging wall:
3 strawberries!
green basil

poppy hanging wall:
6 poppy types

oregon grape
native pollinators
possibly other native plants

That's been pared down quite a bit, too. I was getting all ambitious and had way too many things I wanted to plant.

I was particularly pleased to find the Native Bear pumpkin, which has flesh that's good for pies <em>and</em> hull-less seeds, so that's exciting.

Most of my seeds will be ordered from Strictly Medicinal Seeds, with the rest from Territorial Seed. If I can find the money, I'd love to get some live plants from Seattle Native Plants, like salmonberry and salal, for more permanent plantings.