January 15, 2016


I'm just sort of noodling around creatively lately. I threw a linen and cotton warp on the inkle because I liked the colors, and then decided to test out some patterns for god bands on it.

Artemis's bow, for a band for the Twins, came out pretty well:

But the first attempt at a tripod for Apollon -- the visually simplest of his symbols -- came out pretty much incomprehensible:

A second try is more plainly a three-legged stool, at least, which I think is about as good as I'm going to manage:

I've been trying to finish plying some thread I've been working on rather desultorily for months, and finally managed it:

Nice soft gray, with purples, pinks and yellows. I think I want to do an abstract tapestry of hills and angles, something about mists and sunrise, when I get some more of it spun up.

Finishing left me with a naked spindle:

This, of course, is scandalous, and cannot be allowed, so I grabbed the next rolag of the color and began to dress it again:

This weekend's project is the next Art is Anathema prompt, "Even the monster was once a dear child." I know what I want to do. We'll see if I can pull it off.