January 4, 2016

God Nights

A new practice I've been working on taking up is having designated nights where I make offerings to and contemplate one of the gods with whom I am most involved. A night for Hekate was already built in -- the deipnon on the night of the new moon -- and I'd been making offerings and sometimes doing oracular work for Dionysos on the full moon. Since I'm looking at both starting up a business again and going back to school, upping my worship of Hermes seemed like a good plan, and I was finally putting together a separate altar for Ariadne, and it just seemed to come together to add them on the first and third quarters respectively. They mostly aren't a big production. Offerings and contemplation, usually just chilling out a bit with them as it were. If I'm going to do bigger ritual for them, it will be on those nights, but most of the time there's no reason to.

A couple of weeks ago, I was set to babysit my friends' kids. Their 11 year old has been known to join me for worship from time to time, and is particularly fond of Hermes, whom she likes to call "the God of Fast". (She likes speed. I dread the day she learns to drive.) It just happened to be the same night as the first quarter, so I asked her if she'd like to join me for it.

We made offerings of candy from her private stash (I'm still working out exactly what the best offering for Hermes is, but so far he seems to like sweet things), and read each other stories about him. She read to me from Greek Mythology Link, and I ended up reading her this story from Myths Retold, which puts various myths and legends into some of the more excited forms of net communication, full of sentence fragments, digressions and casual cussing.

Like this:

Yes it is greek history time again
which means it is time to learn about assholes
or really, one asshole
generally when we talk about history
we tend to focus on one or two assholes at a time
(or else whole huge groups of assholes that run in packs
leaving great greasy black trails of shit all over everything
but that’s gross so today we’re only talking about one)

(From Alcibiades is Handsome as Hell)

Also it has really entertaining lines like referring to a certain superficially similar set of trickster-messenger gods (including Hermes) as "just a fast-moving jerk clown swinging more dick than a playground full of private detectives."

So that seemed appropriate for a Hermes night. I wouldn't read from that blog for most gods (although I should really look up anything it has on Dionysos), but I figured Hermes would be amused.

I haven't been as consistent in observing these as I might like so far, but when I do manage these evenings, they feel good. A little time taken apart from everything else just to be with my gods. Brings me closer to them.