February 26, 2016

Greek Key 1

I found a simple Greek key pattern for tablet weaving, and decided to give it a try.

It came out pretty well. I did end up having to alternate directions, because of the twist the cards put unto the threads. I'll have to take a shot of that on the next project so you can see what I'm talking about.

Switching back and forth gave it an interesting wavy quality edge-on.

It's almost, but not quite, double-faced. A double-faced weave has exactly the reverse pattern on the back side, but as you can see, instead of white space between changeovers, this has partial patterns. Oh, well. Still looks pretty snazzy.

The one things I was disappointed in was that the blue was barely distinguishable from the black. Too dark.

The finished band was 43.5" in length.

Next up, two bands in black, white and red, to be sewn together to make a girdle for my ritual chiton.