May 12, 2016

Greek Key Belt

112 inches, including the braids, Greek key design in red, white and black. I had to weave it in two sections to get the length I wanted.

It's meant to be a belt for my ritual chiton. I'd've liked to have it wider, but it wasn't practical for various reasons. Perhaps sometime I'll have a better loom to hold it, that will allow for both more length and more width. Also, preferably, with the design running in the same direction the whole way.

The reason it changes direction every four repeats is that the threads twist with each turn of the cards, and the only ways to release the twist is to turn the cards the other way or to untie the threads and untwist them that way.

I'd also like to weave one using six-sided cards, which would allow me to make a more convoluted pattern -- more like the key design we usually think of, and a true meander pattern. Like so:

If I'm understanding the mechanics correctly -- and I think I am -- then the hex cards would allow me to do that.

<img src=>

For something like this one, I'd need 8-sided ones, which I'd have to make myself, I think.