June 22, 2015

Guest Post on Little Red Tarot

When I finished making the ebook for A Study in Tarot (which you can download for free <a href=https://www.dropbox.com/s/7qcm6lh358qfp7y/A%20Study%20in%20Tarot%20-%20Rebecca%20Lynn%20Scott.epub?dl=0>right here), I sent emails to a few people I respected. One of them was Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot, a really terrific tarot blog with a strong queer voice. Beth was very enthusiastic about the ebook, and asked if she could include it in a post about free tarot resources. She also asked if I'd like to write a guest post for her blog about the process of the study.

Well, today, my guest post is up. How (and Why) I Made My Own Little White Book, at Little Red Tarot. Go check it out!