April 17, 2015


Hey, look, new digs!

The domain dememe.info was going away, and my wife happened to have an unused domain name that neatly bridges computing and witchcraft references, and she was kind enough to give it to me when Dememe Nonny cut the blog loose. I’m sure Dememe'd’ve let me had space on the new domain, but it was getting a little too far from the basic concept, so I went for Hex.ink.

The name is just too cool not to use, really, so I guess I’m going to start referring to the blog as Hexink or Hex Ink or something. I’m going to be playing with the look of the blog, too, so be ready. Also, tags should become functional, which will be nice, won’t it?

If you’ve been following the blog by RSS feed, you’ll need to subscribe all over again. The information is in the sidebar. (Or should be, and if it’s not, I’ll get it back as soon as I can.) If your client lets you edit URLs, you can just fix it that way, from ariadne.dememe.info to hex.ink.

I’ve been a busy bee while the blog was down. I’m working on Bakcheion is doing for the Dionysian ritual at Many Gods West, which is very exciting. (If you’re going to Many Gods West, I do hope you’ll come!)

I thought I’d done enough triangles for the first row of the rainbow blanket…

…but it turns out I was still 18 short. Working on it…

But I did get the corners of the ones I had tied to help define the squares I’ll be stitching them into, so that’s something.

I collected a couple of packages a very kind person had sent to me, care of a friend’s house (our packages sometimes go astray). They were filled with treasure! But that’s another post…

Here's a spoiler, though.