December 3, 2015

How to begin with the Purple Thread

Many people find it difficult to begin to worship a new god/hero/group of them. But beginning with the Purple Thread is pretty easy.

First, get some purple thread. If you're a spinner, as I am, you spin it. As you do so, recite the prayers from the last post on the Thread. When you prepare to spin, say:

Seven women whose lives are twined
In history and myth
Seven women whose names are wrapped
In purple thread
Seven women whose lives show
Our weaknesses and our strengths
Seven women I honor and praise:
The women of the purple thread.

Then begin to spin. Since I'm a drop spinner, I give the spindle a good flick and spin as it drops, saying:

I spin for Arakhne,
Who rues what she did,
And weaves now forever
I pray to Arakhne of the Purple Thread

When I wind up that length, I almost sing, "The Purple Thread winds on and on, the Purple Thread winds on," which after a while,
combined with the spinning and the rest of the prayers, puts me into a light trance.

You can do all your spinning for one day for one member of the Thread and go through them all over the course of a week, or run through them all one after the other on one day. When you finish, and have plied if you wish, and have washed and set it, move on to the next step.

The rest is the same whether you spin or not. Take a length, which can be as short as enough for a bracelet or as long as enough to circle a room, of purple embroidery floss, cord, or yarn (don't use sewing thread, it's too fine). Tie a knot, or string on a bead and knot it in place, for each of the seven. (It may help to have each of them be unique somehow, for future use.) This will thread serve as meditation or prayer beads. Knot the ends together.

At first, all you'll want to do is to pray the prayers, and to contemplate the heroines and goddesses. Take the time to read about them. I use the prayers in my daily ritual, with one member of the Thread each day, starting on Sunday with Arakhne and finished on Saturday with Kirke.

I think that's enough to begin with.