August 25, 2015

It Follows

This month I've been reading ghost stories and watching ghost story horror movies. While poking around, I saw the title It Follows, and, because that's thematic of Empousa, downloaded it. Then someone else, hearing about my project, recommended it to me as well. So I finally watched it.

"It" of the title really is Empousa. An implacable monster, a shapeshifter, intimately connected with sex, who follows, slowly, slowly. The terror isn't even that she might catch you, just that she follows. Oh, if she catches you, it will be very bad. But that's not where the fear comes from.

She's even regularly got one foot bare and one foot wearing something, or different things on each foot. And she kills one of the characters something like the way Empousa does, too.

The writer/director based it on dreams he had when he was very young. I wonder.

If you like tense creepy movies without a lot of gore or jump-scares, it's excellent. If you want to understand Empousa, it's even better.