October 25, 2016


(Yes, I'm still drawing. And somehow, I find myself drawing at least one labyrinth almost every day.)

Many of us have daydreams of having a piece of land, often out away from the city, where we can have rituals, shrines, maybe even a temple. My personal version of this is the Earth Labyrinth dream.

I want a chunk of land out away from the city, preferably with a small house or cabin, and on it I want to build (ok, have built) an earth house (that is, part of the construction will be made from dirt, and in particular the outside should be a dirt mound I can grow ivy on) that is simply a large labyrinth inside, with a room at the center (not just a niche). I want it wired for low lighting, bright lighting, and sound.

I want to make traversing the labyrinth an initiatory experience, a lesser mystery of its own. Maybe once or twice a year, offer the initiation. Have a small group out to the land, have them undergo a day or two or ritual work, prayer and fasting, and then, one by one, they enter the labyrinth, walk it to the center, find there what they find there, and walk back out. Send them off to a celebration for initiates.

No elaborate ritual theater, the way Spring Mysteries or Orpheus Ascending have. (As much as I like that.) The story of the Labyrinth of Knossos told, one teller, one drummer, maybe someone with a bullroarer. And a dumb show, acting out the story as it's told.

Let initiates come back by arrangement if they feel they need to walk it again. Perhaps I'll let people I know well come and be initiated at other times than the group.

Maybe have rules of the kind that are seldom used today, but were in antiquity. Refrain from sexual activity for a week, from the meat of land animals and from garlic for three days. Fast the day of. Things like that. Maybe not those exactly, it'll be a process of divination, but something like that. Maybe none at all. We'll see.

That's my dream. If I can get good jobs as a database admin, I might even manage it, someday.