March 10, 2014

Look at the shoot of the vine that is sprouting

That’s the line from the conversation Sannion had that inspired him to ask me to make some bracelets.

These are the vine shoots I’m actually looking at these days. They’re morning glory sprouts, a flowering vine I love that I can’t plant outside here because they’re horribly invasive. These all came up within the last 36 hours or so. I’ve got some moonflower vines started, too, but those are farther along. They’re all in the two windows in my ritual room, along with a rescued basil and (just added today) an aloe vera.

I’ve been working on a chant for cording the bracelets based around that line, and it’s giving me fits. I usually use a very simple iambic rhythm (da-DUN da-DUN da-DUN, like much of Shakespeare) for spinning if I use anything at all. This sentence, though is not quite dactylic tetrameter. Dactylic is a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed ones (DUN-da-da DUN-da-da), and tetrameter means that it repeats four times per line. (A repeat of the rhythm is called a foot.) This sentence has three dactylic feet, but then the fourth foot has only two syllables, stressed-unstressed. The fourth foot is short. What’s worse, the only next line I’ve been able to come up with is three dactyls followed by a single stressed syllable. It took me a day and a half to get the next two lines to follow the same pattern, and now I want a whole ‘nother verse, and it’s all very frustrating. Also the verse started referencing Anthesteria, which I’m not sure I want to do, and the second verse wants to invoke the nymphs who raised Dionysos, and I really don’t know where the whole thing’s going.

I’m still working on the stuff with the Hyades, rain nymphs who are sometimes named as those very nymphs, which is probably where that’s coming from. They were set among the stars, in the head of Taurus (and include Aldebaran), and their rising used to signal the beginning of the Hellenic rainy season. 2500 years later and 6000 miles away, they’re now in the sky above Seattle during our rainy season. (Hey, no jokes about Seattle not having any other seasons. We have about four months of nice sunny weather in summer.)

No, not going to post the chant right now. Possibly when it’s done, but possible not.