May 10, 2014

Moonflower Vines

Moonflower Vines

Sorry, folks, really depressed and mired in upsetting crap. Posts coming about the Fates and Penelope, eventually, when I can write them. In the mean time, look, my moonflowers blossomed, and my vines are doing interesting twiny things.

They’re huge! That’s my hand holding it.

Really long throats, too. And they take weeks to go from the spiky buds I showed before to the long furled blossom (you can see one to the right of the blooming one that opened about four days later. That green spike gets longer and twistier and finally opens. It tends to look like a rather abstract insertable toy for a few days before it finally blooms!

And because I keep bending the vines back down when they go too far up, they’ve started growing in entwined loops. I love it!