May 4, 2015

More Charmcasting blogging

5/4/15 - May the Fourth be with you.

Playing with chalking not only the querent-figure, but realms. Not sure yet what they all mean, but we'll get there.

I need to give my figure a name for things. I think right now they're Lex.


Hm. I think edges are farther out in time. Red skull rolled right off the mat, so injury and major illness are not a worry at this time. The compass is farthest out: a specific direction is a ways off. It's on the line between what I think are the mental realms on the right and the spiritual realms on the left. Only slightly closer in is the marble of clarity in the spiritual realm. Not doing a lot of focus there. Closer in is the vertebra, above Lex's head, but a way out. Perhaps Lex ought to be considering structure...

No, I think I have the upper two realms backwards. Mental on Lex's own left, as they are facing me. So the marble and vertebra are mental clarity and structure, not spiritual.

Close to, but not very, Lex' right hand is the work they could be doing, but apparently are not.

About as close to hand on the spiritual side to the key, for secrets and revelations.

At Lex's feet is the thread, the path they must walk, a practical path in the realm of the earth. It begins coiled around itself a bit, a bit that repeats a few times, bouncing back and forth between two things for a bit before breaking free into the rest of the path. Celebration, and a dream, but one that maybe cannot be immediately realized. Lex is having fun spinning off new ideas, new concepts, new projects, but will not finish most of them. That's ok.

Finally picking a project to run with, Lex finds they don't have the money for it, and goes hunting for ways of getting it together. They rely primarily on themselves to do this, not entirely paying attention to advice and aid offered by others. Instead, Lex plays to their personal strengths.

Below and farther out are three charms in a line: a path that Lex might choose to take, if they thing of it.

Persevere through the mundane slog, follow their heart into the realm of spirits and gods, and find transformation there.

The Tree floats unconnected amidst this mess, possibilities unconsidered.

Time spent, from sketching to finish, 45min.

Notes to self: Find heavier/less rolly things for skull, compass, marble. MAKE PEOPLE FIGURES. Add a targeting loop.

Found a bit of red yarn, tied it in a loop. Targeting loop! Actually, that might be a Warning Loop, and I might add purple for the Pay Attention Loop instead.

Decided to add a moonflower vine seed, for stretching and growth.

Started making shrinky-drink people pieces. Whee! I forgot how much fun it is to do shrinky-dinks. Note to self: sharpies work really well.

Shrinky-dink people (and spirit) came out well!

They look like they're doing some sort of primeval safety dance or something. But they look like they're having fun!

Had to swap something things around. The red and purple circles turned out to be too grabby. Have a much smoother blue yarn, and might add a red back in as well.

New pieces:

Five people pieces, seed for growth, wings for a message or messenger, circle for attention.

Casting really works best when I'm sitting on the floor with the mat in from of me. I get the best spread that way. Rather than move my butt off the couch and away from the computer for the moment, though, I have a big coffee-table book in my lap with the mat on it. Here's what I've got.

Very tight grouping, the problem with sitting too close.

Basically everything is happening at once. Lex is thinking about an earth person, strong and solid and reliable, probably makes things. They wear their heart on their sleeve here: everyone knows how they feel about Earth Person.

At the center, much busyness, much interconnectedness. There's change and growth, but it's hard, and Lex must just keep swimming, just keep pushing through it. Forward momentum, that's the way!

A Spirit that is attached to a fire person (Fire Person is on top, so they're central, and the spirit follows on) is there to help, and will pass Lex on in the direction of Water Person, who can help with the swimming, the perseverance. Air Person bears a message about an opportunity to make money, and sends Lex back towards Fire Person and their Spirit.

At Lex's feet, ready to be called upon, are both strength and sadness, together, a package deal.

A word of advice: secrets can do damage to the structures of thought and feeling.

I think I'm dropping both the compass and the marble, although I'd like to find replacements for them.

And I think that's it for the night.

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