February 15, 2022

More Memory

Aaaaaand I forgot all about entries.

So to wrap up my initial foray into memory palaces: I recorded the second part of my interview with Andrew Watt on January 27th, and that was fun. He advised me to expect an intense experience when I presented the Hymn for Deipnon on the 1st. I certainly got that, but it's a little hard to explain, so I won't. Afterwards, though, the Hymn was far more firmly engrained in my memory. It feels like a part of me now.

I did pick up the book I mentioned in my last entry, How to Learn & Memorize Greek Vocabulary by Anthony Metivier. It only arrived a few days ago, and it was Anthesteria, so I haven't had time to read more than the introduction, but so far I'm reasonably pleased. He's recommending books I've seen recommended elsewhere by people I trust, so that's a good sign.

There's some downloadable worksheets that you can get if you buy the book as well. Reading through them now, they give a solid precis of the classic methods, with his own suggestions and minor modifications – for example, he advises using a lot of different locations, and intentionally finding new ones regularly.

The author does advise using a real place instead of a fantasy one, simply because it's easier, which is a fair point. You don't have to do the work of building and maintaining a whole new structure. There certainly are situations in which that's worth it... but not necessarily every time.

Interestingly, he addresses, though without naming it, aphantasia in the worksheets.

Close your eyes and visually reconstruct the room you’re sitting in using your imagination. Chances are that you easily can do so. You might actually “see” it or only see a kind of floor plan made of simple shapes. You may even only “feel” or “sense” the concept of the room, but in one way or another, you can reconstruct the room in your mind. Don’t worry if you can’t “see” it as if you were watching HD TV. You can also “see” using descriptive words and thinking about the relationship between points in space.

So that's a good thing. I'm feeling very positive about this book and the worksheets.