August 16, 2015

More Phabulous Phlying Phalloi

At some point, I'm going to put up a shop somewhere, and then I won't put so many of them here.

But I am REALLY PROUD of these. I think I'm really improving.

First, my Little Blue Daimon, more directly fan art for Ursula Vernon. No horns, light shimmery blue, kind of shy, just that tail to warn you he might be up to something.

Cute, isn't he?

Next is his buddy the Angel, who looks like he might be on the way to a Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence show. Most of his glitter doesn't show.


Here's a rather more devilish fellow, made as a birthday present for a friend. He then made me explain it to his daughter.

And now the one I'm most proud of! The Starry Bull himself!

I'm soooo happy with this fella. The horns and ears and wings line up right. His little hoofy-woofies are so cute. He has the Hyades (the stars of Taurus' head) on his face and horns, and the Corona Borealis as a cutie mark on his rump.

And the trio of daimon, angel and bull.

I feel like I'm progressing a lot with this, and am very happy with this batch.