February 17, 2014

More Spinning Prayer

I was out of tea this morning.

Making an offering of a red herbal tisane (they seem to like the red) has become part of my morning ritual, and a good one for both me and my gods. I go in, collect the cups, fill the kettle and set it to boil, pour yesterday’s tea into a bowl, wash the cups, pour out the tea all together, take the cups back and set them on the altar. I drum while the kettle finishes boiling. When it’s ready, I drop a tea bag (lately it’s been Red Zinger; before that it was a raspberry tea) in the pot and pour in the water. While it steeps, I write anything in my plant ally journal I might need to and do any study I’m working on (geomancy right now, of course). When it’s steeped, I pour it into a cup on each of the altars of my household gods: Hekate, Dionysos, and Hermes. I really ought to take Hestia’s plaque (it’s been in the kitchen, and I’d rather have her there, but the kitchen is in really bad shape and we’re not using it much) upstairs and set her up with her own shrine and make a morning offering to her, too.

Then I spin for the Women of the Purple Thread, and light incense for that day’s figure.

But as I said, I was out of tea this morning. I need to go buy some, but the nearby store didn’t have anything I cared to use, and the further away store I haven’t been to since I realized I was low. I’ll go tonight, and get wine as well — they have a nice selection, including several Greek wines I like.

That did leave me with a dilemma, though. I wanted to make some kind of offering, but I didn’t feel I had anything suitable. So I picked up my spindle, and started making up a spinning prayer on the spot, taking the form of the Purple Thread prayer that’s been working so well for me. Here’s roughly what I came up with on the fly:

I pray to Hekate
Saffron-clad torch bearer
Lover of deer and dogs
I spin for Hekate of the crossroads

The silver thread winds on and on
The silver thread winds on

I pray to Dionysos
Bull-roaring liberator
Mad dancer in wild places
I spin for Dionysos of the Vine

The silver thread winds on and on
The silver thread winds on

I pray to Hermes
Fleet message-bearer
Keeper of Knowledge
I pray to Hermes of the high places

The silver thread winds on and on
The silver thread winds on

It’s not perfect, but not bad for off-the-cuff work, I think. I may come up with something more elegant, or I may not, and just make them up in future, too. Having a larger range of spinning prayers is a good thing, I think. Pray to any gods I wish to, and spin. The principle holds, and really all I’m doing is stringing together epithets and phrases I associate with them. I thought Silver Thread was appropriate to gods.