May 27, 2016

Morning Glories and Marigolds

My net's still out, but here's a quick post.

The morning glories and marigolds are growing beautifully. The morning glories are blooming almost every day, sometimes multiple blooms. The marigolds haven't bloomed yet, but they're growing like crazy. I'm used to short, bushy plants, not long leggy ones. Marigolds in Florida never grew this tall. The biggest must be two feet at least. Is it the weather? The seaweed extract I feed them? Did I just get a different variety than the ones I used to get? I don't know.

The one downside of the setup I have is that the marigolds are very nearly espaliered against the window, growing almost flat against the window, smushed between the glass and the morning glories' lattice. I worry about them a little, but they seem very healthy, so mostly I worried about getting to the flowers when they bloom.

It's good to have plants back in the ritual room. I've missed them.